Video selections from our star-studded concert of Pride & Prejudice-the Musical at NYC's 54 Below

"I Can Wait" - Margo Seibert.

"The Way He Held My Hand" - Teal Wicks .
"Those Eyes" - Nathaniel Hackmann.

"Mr. Collins' Proposal" - Brian Ray Norris. Margo Seibert.

"All I Need" - Vivienne Cleary.

"Darcy's Proposal" -  Nathaniel Hackmann.

"I Don't Know My Heart" - Margo Seibert.

”Wedding Bells”.

"All I See" - Nathaniel Hackmann, Margo Seibert, Doug Shapiro, Christiana Cole, Teal Wicks, Will Reynolds, Brian Ray Norris, Vivienne Cleary, Jessica Fontana, Brad Standley, Gordon Stanley, Rita Markova, Gayla Morgan, Drew Pournelle>.

Matt Castle, piano

Video of three songs from FWD Theatre Project's Launch Concert in Chicago

"Wedding Bells"
Performed by Karen Mason, Summer Naomi Smart, Rebecca Bradford, Larry Adams, Jen Baker. Olivia Renteria and Jordan Yentz

"I Can Wait"
Performed by Abby Mueller

"All I See"
Performed by Abby Mueller, Devin DeSantis

"All I See" Performed by Lawrence Rush (yes, that's me) and Caryn Hartglass
Peter Yarin, Piano
Performed as part of a "Best Seat in the House" musical salon


FWD Theatre Project Concert - Video
Watch Karen Mason, Abby Mueller, Summer Naomi Smartt, Rebecca Bradford,
Larry Adams, Jen Baker. Olivia Renteria and Jordan Yentz perform 3 songs from
"Pride & Prejudice-the Musical".

All I See - Video
Watch Lawrence Rush and Caryn Hartglass at their "Best Seat In The House" salon
performance of "All I See".

Wedding Bells 
performed by Nora Mae Lyng, Conrad Osborne, Lucy Sorensen, Susan Lewis,
    Kristin Maloney and Amy Justman
orchestration by Matt Castle and Frank Galgano
I Can Wait 
performed by Kristin Maloney
The Way He Held My Hand 
performed by Amy Justman
That Bennet Girl 
performed by Tracy Bidleman, Matt Castle and Lawrence Rush
Those Eyes 
performed by Ron Bohmer
Mr. Collins' Proposal 
performed by Brian Norris
Good Riddance 
performed by Margo Seibert, Nate Hackmann, Will Reynolds, Brian Ray Norris and Brad Standley
performed by Lucy Sorensen, Rod Gomez, Aron Accurso and Lawrence Rush
All I Need 
performed by Gretchen Goldsworthy
Darcy's Proposal 
performed by Ron Bohmer
I Don't Know My Heart 
performed by Laura Osnes
I'm Not Well 
performed by Nora Mae Lyng, Gayla Morgan and Susan Lewis
All I See 
performed by Ron Bohmer and Jessica Rush

* Recorded at Millrose Music, NYC *